Terms and conditions

Returns and Refunds Policy

  • Order Errors or Non-Satisfaction: In cases of incorrect orders or dissatisfaction, we prioritize meeting your requirements to the best of our abilities. If deemed appropriate, refunds may be issued after exhaustive efforts to rectify the issue.

Refund Requests

  • Right to Decline Refund Requests: We retain the right to decline refund requests that don’t align with our policies or are deemed fraudulent.

Fraudulent Claims

  • Fraud and False Claims: Any attempt at fraudulent activity or false claims will be investigated thoroughly. Instances of fraud will result in the user being flagged and banned from accessing our services permanently.

Client Confidentiality

  • Privacy and Confidentiality: We uphold strict confidentiality agreements with our clients. Any disclosure of client details, including business names, is prohibited to safeguard their privacy.

Service Agreements

  • Scope of Services: Our services are outlined based on mutually agreed-upon terms. Deviations from the agreed scope may require reevaluation and additional agreements.

Payment Terms

  • Payment Agreements: Payment terms and schedules are agreed upon before project commencement. Failure to adhere to payment schedules may result in service suspension or termination.

Dispute Resolution

  • Dispute Handling: Any disputes or disagreements will be handled through fair mediation and dialogue to seek a mutually acceptable resolution.

User Responsibilities

  • User Conduct: Users are expected to conduct themselves professionally and responsibly while using our services. Any misuse or violation of terms may result in account suspension or termination.

Limitation of Liability

  • Liability Limitations: While we strive for exceptional service, we are not liable for indirect, incidental, or consequential damages arising from service usage.

Updates and Amendments

  • Terms Update: These terms are subject to periodic review and may be updated without prior notice. Users are encouraged to review them periodically for any changes.